About the Photo of the Day Website

The Photo of the Day website is a hobby project of mine. I like my photography, and on September 30, 2017, I started publishing my “Photo of the Day” on facebook. For a while, I had a system in place where I would post the photo on Instagram and that would automatically result in a corresponding facebook post (because, Instagram is supposedly the social media platform for photos) but that didn’t work long, and never worked right anyway.

So I created a “Photo of the Day Archive” on my Lumens Solutions site, which was nice but it was purely static. One weekend early in 2019 I was bored and wanted to do something more with my Photos of the Day. Thus this site was born.

This new site not only hosts all the photos posted as “Photo of the Day” but also includes a way to search the hundreds of photo captions, the ability to select photos both by date range when the photo was taken and by date range when the photo was posted, and the opportunity (if logged in) to provide some feedback on the photo.

Registering for the site it easy, as it only requires a name, an email address, and a password. The login is persistent on a device, so you can login once and (as long as you visit the site regularly) the login will remain in effect.

I created a logo for this site, which is displayed here and there and is also used for the favicon. The logo is based on the look of a Polaroid photo, using the very first photo posted as Photo of the Day...

Eric Grivel,
Ellicott City, Maryland
January 2019